Application Security & Performance Testing

Application Penetration Testing

Want to know how your applications stand up against real world attacks?  Need to provide assurances to customers and third parties?

Tracker Networks’ unique security testing methodology includes carefully defined threat models, knowledge models, impact controls and communication plans, which combined with our proprietary testing tools and threat database, allows Tracker Networks to provide our clients with highly accurate and interpretable test results, while ensuring the utmost safety of valuable production systems.

Application Performance Testing

Find out how your applications will perform under varying and peak load conditions before you run into real problems.  Identify, isolate and correct performance issues proactively, to serve your customers better and ensure there are no barriers to your business growth.

Tracker Networks will work with your team to build a test plan that models key user usage scenarios and then will create and execute automated test scripts using a variety of proprietary and 3rd party application testing tools.

Application Secure Design Review & Development Practices

It’s true that $1 spent in secure application design review can save $10-$100 of cleaning up problems later.  Tracker Network’s application security advisers can review your designs pre-implementation, to identify gaps with security best practices and provide recommendations to help ensure your application development project is developed securely, on time and on budget.  Our advisers can also help you retrofit your software development life-cycle, to ensure security best practices are embedded throughout your development processes.