About Us

Tracker Networks is an innovative and growing software, solutions and data analytics provider, serving clients in the US, Canada and Europe.

Tracker Networks’ solutions help organizations to identify, track and manage business and cyber risks that affect their strategic objectives, customers, supplier relationships, critical data, technology resources and more – to lower risks, save money, improve service and increase revenue.

Meet the Team

Roger Mahabir

Chairman & CEO

Jason Doel

COO & EVP, Sales & Marketing

Peter Grys

VP Client Solutions

Peter Ritchie

CFO, CRO & VP Customer Service

Mesbah Abdulrahem

Chief Architect

Chris Moore

CTO & Business Development

Integrity.  This means doing what we say, being direct, honest and open, and always doing what is right.

Respect.  We never forget who we serve, we foster an environment of mutual respect and support for our clients, partners and employees.

Innovation.  We look to the future, we try new approaches, we reward creativity, and we don’t believe in “can’t”.

Confidentiality.  Our customers always retain ownership of their data.  Our market data and benchmarking services will never breach our confidentiality commitments.

Security.  This means running our business in a smart and fiscally responsible way to ensure we can always service our customers to the highest level.  It also means using state-of-the-art technology and processes to protect our clients’ confidential data.

Our business was launched in 2009, in response to challenges our customers were struggling with to manage large amounts of important data that was spread across systems, documents, departments, and business partners.  In many cases, crucial information was not documented at all, instead existing in “tribal knowledge” that was threatened every time employees left their organization.

New web and software technologies have created many opportunities for data management and system connectivity.  They have also lead to a massive and expanding proliferation of data, system complexity and technology risks.

The team behind Tracker Networks understands well the opportunities in data aggregation and tracking, technology risk management and shared software systems.

Our founders have collectively been responsible for many successful business launches in these areas, including North America’s first online Foreign Exchange trading system and the creation of the world’s top commercial threat intelligence service for the IT security market (formerly Assurent Secure Technologies and now Telus Security Labs).

We started Tracker Networks providing innovative data aggregation and tracking systems to track price promotions and renewals for IT Distributors and Resellers.  Soon after, we got back to our roots in risk management and security, launching exciting solutions for Risk managers and executive teams – and we have been growing rapidly in these areas ever since.

We recognize that most organizations in today’s business climate face constraints on IT budgets and resource availability.  For this reason, we deliver solutions that can be implemented quickly and easily with little or no impact on our clients’ internal IT environment and resources.  Our clients receive a positive return on investment within the first few months of using our solutions.