AppTracker Risk EngineTM

The easiest, fastest and most cost-effective way to implement continuous IT risk management for your crown jewel data and software applications.

Security policies and best practices won't help if they aren't actually being applied to the data and systems that need them the most. And if they are, effective governance requires a closed loop process to validate.

Auditing crown jewel systems every 12-18 months doesn't cut it in a world where environments and threats change weekly.

Make risk management more than a checkbox exercise. Make it continuous, so changes that increase risk are identified and managed before they become real problems.

AppTracker makes it easy. Lower risk, save time and money, demonstrate good governance, recover faster.

The evolution of crown jewel risk management

Executive Friendly Dashboards

Intuitive dashboards with quantitative risk metrics help present IT risk information in ways that make it easier for management teams to relate to and make decisions on.

Visual Ecosystem Maps

Visual ecosystem maps highlight the applications and data flows supporting each area of the business, as well as the impact of risks through connections and dependencies.

Management Update Emails

Risk assessments are triggered at regular intervals or when changes occur, updating risk scores automatically and generating alerts and regular management updates.

Mitigate risks to crown jewels before they become incidents

Recover quickly from incidents and minimize impacts

Visualize IT ecosystems supporting business processes & services

Map crown jewels data and apps to important business processes

Measure and track the cost of supporting IT applications

Secure bank-like 256 bit encryption & more

Pre-configured best practice industry templates and risk models

Risk scores with business context for board and executive briefings

Easier compliance and audit prep, better audit outcomes

Easier change planning, fewer self inflicted outages

Identify duplication to support application consolidation projects

Rapid solution setup in days or weeks, easy to sustain

Pre-built, industry-based risk models and business service templates can be easily tailored, for fast implementations based on best practices.

As a result, useful crown jewel risk maps can be generated in only a few days – with little impact your busy IT and security teams.