Board and Executive Oversight of Cybersecurity and Technology Risk

What Are My Obligations? Establishing Effective Cyber Risk Oversight.

Directors and officers understand that the world of cyber risk has changed, and so too have their obligations and duties.

It is no longer enough to simply be informed. Directors and officers are expected to go further, to ensure that their organizations have information risk management programs in place that actually work.

Being breached does not necessarily equal liability - but failing to prepare does.

What does it mean to be prepared and to have an effective information risk program? Here are questions that every director and executive should be asking:

  1. Have we identified our crown jewel data?
  2. Do we know which software systems use crown jewel data?
  3. How do we know our best practices are being applied to crown jewel systems?
  4. Is our program continuous to catch risks as they occur, or are we just doing a checkbox exercise every 12-18 months?
  5. Which suppliers have access to our crown jewel data? Are they applying the same best practices?
Tracker Networks helps board members, business executives and technology managers to quickly establish oversight and communicate more effectively - to measure risk, track risk, lower risk, prepare to recover faster, and demonstrate reasonable and proactive oversight.

Tracker Networks solutions work with existing risk and security tools and processes and can often be implemented in a matter of hours or days as a valuable and complementary addition to your multi-layered risk management approach.

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