Renewal Tracking for IT Providers

About Renewal Track

Reselling software maintenance, warranty and support renewals can be a strong and profitable revenue stream for information technology resellers, distributors and manufacturers.

Allowing renewals to lapse leads to unsupported customers and leaves accounts open to competitors. Engaging early in renewals discussions provide an important opportunity to explore broader solutions and fin additional ways to add value. All too often, IT providers are too limited in their ability to track renewal data to be truly effective in this area. 

Higher renewal revenue

Provide tools to ensure sales teams never miss renewals; plan, design and executive renewal sales campaigns.

Client retention

Close renewal business proactively and keep other providers from targeting key accounts; help clients avoid maintenance lapses and unnecessary support costs.

Customer acquisition

Gain footholds in competitive accounts by targeting and closing other resellers' renewal opportunities. 

Vendor satisfaction 

Develop closer working relationships with product manufacturers by demonstrating a superior ability to manage and service their renewal customers. 

Lower operational costs

Reduce the time and expense of manually recording and searching through emails and spreadsheets.

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