Application and Data Risk Assessment

Less Work, Less Risk, Better Outcomes

Most serious hacks and outages can be traced back to problems and control gaps in the applications that use your crown jewel data. Many high profile hacks and outages have originated from interfaces into applications that were not tracked or risk managed properly.

What are your “crown jewel” data assets and applications? How do your applications connect to each other? What business processes and services do they support?

Who is tracking the risks and compliance requirements tied to your critical applications and data? Are application controls in place? How do you know the information is accurate and up-to-date?

By measuring and tracking risks at the asset level, and by mapping these back to the business services they support, you can quickly generate an accurate, objective and quantified view of risk that has the business context needed for effective discussions between technology, executives and board members.

The AppTracker Risk Engine simplifies the work of generating fast, quantitative and effective application and data-level risk assessments, and provides outputs in a visual manner that makes it easier for technology and business executives to visualize the sources and potential impacts of risk.

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