Measure & Track Risk Scores

RiskTracker SystemTM

Continuous Assessment of Business and Cyber Risk

The RiskTracker system makes it easy to perform risk assessments and risk scoring on a wide variety of risk and audit entities - including business units, departments, processes, suppliers, technology systems, data and more.

Audit managers can use RiskTracker to save time and effort and improve the quality and consistency of their risk assessments when preparing audit plans.

Executives tasked with providing governance and oversight of risk management and cybersecurity can use RiskTracker to provide continuous risk scoring and measures of cybersecurity preparedness.

Automatically track and update measures of Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and update risk scoring and reporting automatically as underlying sources of risk change.

Accelerate your risk program by leveraging pre-existing cyber and data risk templates based on industry standard frameworks, including COBIT, ISO27001, NIST and more.

Authorized users can quickly and easily change and configure risk categories, risk attributes and KRIs scoring tables, survey questions and more, in order to tailor RiskTracker to your existing risk management processes and your unique needs as an organization.

RiskTracker can be used once to perform an organizational assessment, or as part of a continuous risk assessment and auditing program.

RiskTracker includes easily configured and intuitive self-assessment surveys that can be sent to subject matter experts to make risk management a distributed process and to gather risk data throughout your organization. Results are automatically collected and analyzed to generate automatic updates to risk scores and risk reports.

Establish a baseline with initial risk measures and then schedule recurring surveys to be sent automatically at defined intervals or when changes occur, so that risk scoring becomes a continuous process.