Chris Moore


Chris Moore is the Chief Technology Officer of Tracker Networks, where he has responsibility for Tracker’s technology strategy and system development.

Chris was previously the cofounder and Chief Technology Officer of IT Vertigo (sold to Zentra Express and later the Herjavec Group), a next generation direct market reseller. Chris conceived and oversaw development of an advanced sales and supply chain management system that fully automated and integrated all of the major business processes of IT product reselling. Through these systems, Chris designed and built automated data connections into the systems of the major Canadian technology distributors and many of the top manufacturer special pricing programs.

Previously, Chris spent 15 years at SoftChoice Corportation, Canada’s largest information technology reseller organization. Over this time, Chris held a series of a progressively senior roles that included sales, sales management, operations and ultimately overall responsibility for technology. During this time Chris gained insight into the business of IT reselling and distribution, as well as the technology challenges that exist in complex trading networks.

Chris has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Dalhousie University in Halifax. He is married with two sons.