Free COVID-19 Pandemic Plan Software & Templates

We understand that many organizations are racing to develop and implement coronavirus response plans. We would like to do our part and assist where we can.

As such, we are offering our Essential ERM software and coronavirus pandemic plan templates free of charge to organizations who need it.

For the time being, we will extend the length of our free trials for those who wish to use Essential ERM for coronavirus planning. We will also preload our coronavirus pandemic plan templates to help you identify priority areas and potential responses faster. Use will be limited to COVID-19 planning only (not general ERM purposes).

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Pre-populated risks and mitigations for Covid-19

We will preload Essential ERM system with sample risk and mitigation templates for you consider for your COVID-19 plan.

In-depth bow-tie scenario analysis

Quickly identify and capture root causes, pre and post event mitigations/controls using the bow-tie model. Map and plan for multiple scenarios in a handful of intuitive diagrams.

Monitor Action Items

Setup automated action items for action plan owners and other key stakeholders.

Achieve Consensus

Real-time voting allows your team to determine the best solution and avoid groupthink.

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