An Objective Measure of Risk to Your Most Critical Assets

The Crown Jewel Business Risk Assessment

Executives and board members often struggle to determine the real level of risk that their enterprise faces from cyber threats and serious service outages.

The constant barrage of media stories leads to fundamental questions at the boardroom table.  Do we know what our “crown jewels” are?  Where are they?  Who has access?  How safe are they?  What else should we be doing?  Will we be the next company in the news, and if so, are we prepared to respond?

At the same time, many CIOs and technology executives are looking for better ways to better engage their executive teams and boards on cyber risk issues.  They want to change the view of cybersecurity as a “pass-fail” technical activity and properly re-position it as a component of enterprise risk management.  This requires communicating in new ways and providing better business context for risk and technology issues.

The Crown Jewel Business Risk Assessment (BRA) is a rapid, low-cost and high-value consulting engagement designed to provide business executives, boards and CIOs with the following insights:

  • A working definition for the organization’s “crown jewels”
  • Identifying the greatest risks to crown jewel data and systems
  • Quantifying technology risks with objective metrics
  • Mapping technology and data risks to key business functions
  • Identifying the likelihood and business impacts of incidents
  • “Quick win” options to lower risk and prepare to recover faster

Organizations use these insights in many ways, including providing assurance to themselves, their board, their customers, their partners and other stakeholders.

The Crown Jewel BRA also provides a helpful starting point to develop strategies and frameworks for operational risk management and cybersecurity, or to provide input and support for technology plans and roadmaps.  Finally, the insights provided by the Crown Jewel BRA often are a helpful first step in creating a risk management culture and creating a new dialogue between IT and the business they support.

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