Essential ERMTM System

for easy, intuitive and powerful enterprise risk management

Essential ERM is an easy, web-based enterprise risk management tool that helps automate the process that executive teams go through to identify, prioritize and manage the top business risks to their organization.

The system streamlines risk collection from business units and executives, provides voting functionality to help prioritize risks, tracks risk mitigations and risk treatments, and automates follow-up on action items and reporting throughout the year.

Users can create custom risks and choose from a library of standard risks within their sector. Standard risks come with benchmark data on popularity, average risk treatments, common mitigations and more.

Easy workflow, follow up on action items and monitoring of key risk indicators (KRIs) turn risk management into a continuous process.

Essential ERM saves time for busy executives and risk managers, helps lower risk mitigation costs, and helps reduce risk through improved visibility and accountability, reduced dependence on spreadsheets, knowledge bases and benchmark data, and improved analysis and intuitive executive reporting.

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Support for industry standard risk methodologies, including the bow tie model.  Track causes and consequences, pre and post event mitigations.


Users can leverage a knowledge base of industry risks with benchmark data for risk treatment information.  Dynamic instructions guide non-expert users though an effective and consistent risk assessment process. Automated tracking of key risk indicators.

Risk scoring and prioritization.  Easily identify top enterprise and departmental risks.  Track risk levels relative to risk tolerance.  Monitor mitigations and action items.

Intuitive risk entry screens, little or no training required

Configurable help instructions to guide business users

Knowledge base of risks by industry

Benchmark data for risk treatment and mitigations

Automated follow up on action items

Voting functionality to identify top risks

Automated and workflow tracking of key risk indicators (KRIs)

Configurable risk scoring algorithms

Change tracking and audit trails

Flexible reporting with drill down capability

Automated email push reporting for managers