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Easy, intuitive and flexible solution for tracking operational risk events, incidents and near misses.

COMING Q3 2021


End users can easily report and view incident status on incidents through an intuitive end user portal


Easily configure incident tracking forms and event management processes to your company’s unique needs

Optionally link incidents and near misses, to risks, root causes, controls and more

Easy & Intuitive Portal for Incident Reporting

Your team members can quickly and easily report new incidents and view the status of their past reports through an easy-to-use end user Thrive portal that can be configured to match your corporate brand. Your administrators control the data fields that end users have access to.

Easily Configure to Support Your Own Process

Your administrators can use the management portal to quickly and easily configure the system to match our unique incident management process. Authorized users drag and drop incidents to move them though process stages.


Configurable Event Tracking Templates

Your administrators can quickly and easily configure the sections and fields of your incident tracking form.  Administrators also control which fields are visible to end users through the end user Thrive portal.


Risk and Root Cause Integration

Your incident managers can link incidents and near misses to risks, root causes, mitigations, consequences and action plans through optional integration to the Essential ERM® module for enterprise and operational risk management.

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Fast & Easy Implementation

Your administrators can configure your incident management process and tracking forms to get up and running in Essential Incidents in a matter of minutes. We are also happy to help with templates, guidance and configuration assistance at any time.

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