Uncover hidden IT costs

IT Tracker System

About IT Tracker 

The IT Tracker system and integrated mobile app make it easy for IT managers to bring together, search and view all of their key IT items, resources,contracts and costs in one place. The system helps identifyways to save money and add value to the organization.

IT managers can also benchmark their costs and resource allocations against their peers and the overall market – protecting everyone’s confidentiality while providing a fact-based way to prove effective resource management or to find opportunities for further savings.


View all of your assets, resources, contracts and spending in one place. Quickly search, view and analyze your data however you want.


Plan for the future, optimize support, buy better and find other ways to save money and add value.


The peace of mind that comes from knowing (and showing) you are managing resources effectively, relative to your peers and the market.


Easy-to-use but not a lightweight. Powerful capabilities in a straightforward and intuitive tool.

Beyond IT Asset Management

IT Tracker is more than just an asset and contract management system.

Sure, you can use it to track your contracts and assets, but IT Tracker does much more, bringing together all of your IT resources, contracts and expense in one place – while avoiding the unnecessary complexities and high expenses that undermine many asset management programs.

IT Tracker Benefits

  • View your IT items, resources and expenses in one place
  • Prove to yourself and your executive teams that you are managing resources effectively
  • Identify additional places to save money across all of your key IT expense areas
  • Eliminate or reduce manual data gathering and analysis
  • Get more value out of legacy systems that have incomplete data or have become too complex

Use Scenarios

IT Tracker is a cost-effective hosted software tool that blends many powerful features into a single, easy-to-use and secure system.

All Important Resources. Track more than just your IT items and assets. Think of all the key items, resources and contracts you spend money on – this system can track it all for you.

  • Hardware and software items
  • Warranties, maintenance and support
  • Staff and contractors
  • Telephony items and contracts
  • Consulting and services
  • Office equipment
  • Other contracts and services
  • Other fixed assets
  • Multi-item and service configurations

Searchable Repository. Search, filter and view your IT resources by a wide range of variables including type, category, supplier, purchase date, support end date, location, user etc.

Data Aggregation. Import data from a wide variety of systems, tools, files, emails and other documents. Leverage data in existing asset management, contract management and purchasing tools.

Easier Record Management. Engage your users and suppliers to help your information up to date through powerful yet intuitive workflow routines.

Contract Tracking. Track key terms of your IT contracts along with with the items and services you purchase under them. Compare and assess supplier performance.

Contract Notifications. Get notified by email when contracts are close to expiry or are due for review.  Set up multi-step notifications and reminders for the specific people who need to know.

Document Repository.  Upload and securely store all key contract documents.  Provide access only to authorized users based on their individual and departmental privileges.

System Views. Group equipment, software, services, team members and other resources into consolidatd system views.  Track costs of systems and key business services, align support and resources according to business priorities and system sensitivity.

Barcode Scanning.  No need to purchase and train your staff on expensive scanning devices – the IT Tracker system generates QR barcodes that can be attached to your items and scanned with PDA devices running the IT Tracker mobile app for easy fixed asset audits and tracking.

Mobile App.  The IT Tracker mobile app turns your users’ PDA devices into portable scanning devices.  There is no need for expensive and complicated dedicated scanners and the IT Tracker Mobile App is synchronized with the main IT Tracker system in real time through wifi and wireless networks.

Configurations.  Add multiple equipment and software items with services to create system configurations.  Track full configurations and costs, better align services agreement to business requirements.

Analysis. Assess your purchasing and performance against IT contracts. Rate your IT suppliers. Perform what-if analysis and review your ongoing support costs to find ways to save money and add value.

Benchmarking. Confidentially compare your IT costs and resource allocation to those of your peers and the market in general. Use facts to demonstrate effective resource management and find ways to optimize.

Budgeting. Track IT expenditures against your captial and operating budgets. View ongoing contract and support costs. Plan and project for next year and beyond.

Reports and Dashboards.  View expenditures by supplier, category, group.  Track projected costs against actual invoices.  Report on asset status changes, produce audit reports and many more.

Simple, Easy-to-Use. “Keeping it simple” is a key design objective of the IT Tracker system. You need a solution that is easy and intuitive in order to keep your users engaged. Avoid the complexity that often undermines traditional IT resource management tools.

Security and Peace-of-Mind. The IT Tracker system protects your confidentiality through multi-layered and in-depth security controls. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing and being able to demonstrate that you are managing IT resources effectively.