Continuous IT Risk Management

Your systems & cyber risks change every month. Help your risk program keep up.

It's About the Crown Jewels

Are your risk controls really being applied to the data and systems that need them most?

Helping CEOs Sleep At Night

Being breached does not equal liability, but failing to prepare does.


The easiest, fastest and most cost-effective way to implement continuous IT risk management and effective oversight.

Focus your risk management program on your most critical assets and resources - your information crown jewels.

Ensure that your best practices are actually being applied to the information assets that need them most.

Then make it continuous, so that changes that increase risk can be handled properly before they become real problems.

Executives and the Board

A breach does not necessarily mean liability, but failing to prepare does. As an officer or director in today’s cyber-world, being prepared means having effective, ongoing oversight to ensure controls are being continuously applied to your crown jewel data and software systems.

Why Continuous Matters

Auditing your controls every 12-18 months just doesn’t cut it in a world where software systems and cyber threats change weekly. Risk scoring must be performed continuously as changes occur, with easy and effective prompts, automatic alerts, and regular executive updates.

Why Crown Jewels Matter

Most serious breaches can be traced back to control gaps in the applications that use your crown jewel data.  Having policies and best practices won’t help you if they aren’t actually being applied to the data and software systems that need them the most.

Manage Supplier Risk

You can outsource operations, but you still own the risk.  Your risk program needs to ensure that your suppliers are applying the same standards to your crown jewel data and applications that you do, and that third party connections are being properly managed.

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The evolution of crown jewel risk management

Executive Friendly Dashboards

Intuitive dashboards with quantitative risk metrics help present IT risk information in ways that make it easier for management teams to relate to and make decisions on.

Visual Ecosystem Maps

Visual ecosystem maps highlight the applications and data flows supporting each area of the business, as well as the impact of risks through connections and dependencies.

Management Update Emails

Risk assessments are triggered at regular intervals or when changes occur, updating risk scores automatically and generating alerts and regular management updates.

Identify and respond when changes increase risk

Visual ecosystem maps with auto updates

Evidentiary support for governance signoffs

Effective communication with executives and directors

Lower costs of IT risk management

Ensure best practices actually being applied to crown jewels

Quantitative risk scoring based on industry frameworks

Prepare to meet new supplier and privacy legislation

Break risky reliance on tribal knowledge

Secure, bank-like 256-bit encryption & more