Manage Business & IT Risk

Lower risk, lower costs, ensure cyber preparedness


Manage Enterprise Risk

Kill the spreadsheets with easier and more effective ERM.


It's About the Crown Jewels

Are your risk controls really being applied to the data and systems that need them most?


Manage Supplier Risk

You can outsource, but you still own the risk. We'll help you manage it.


Fast, easy and powerful solutions for business and technology risk management.

Kill the spreadsheets. Streamline and improve enterprise risk management with easy workflows and benchmark data.

Identify dependencies and generate risk scores for suppliers and third parties that affect your organization.

Focus your technology risk program by identifying and risk scoring your information crown jewels. Ensure cyber preparedness for the assets that matter the most.

Then make it all continuous, with easy automation, workflows and reporting, so that changes that affect risk can be identified and handled properly before they become real problems.

Easier & Better ERM

Spreadsheets cannot meet the needs of an effective enterprise risk management program.  You need easy workflows for business managers and an effective tool for risk pros – with benchmarking, knowledge bases, change tracking, and flexible reporting.

Why Continuous Matters

Reviews every 12-18 months don’t cut it in a world where business risks, cyber threats and systems change rapidly. Risk scoring must be performed continuously as changes occur, with easy and effective prompts, automatic alerts, and regular executive updates.

Why Crown Jewels Matter

Many incidents can be traced back to control gaps in the software applications that use your crown jewel data.  Having policies and best practices won’t help you if they aren’t actually being applied to the data and software systems that need them the most.

Manage Supplier Risk

You can outsource operations, but you still own the risk.  Your risk program needs to ensure that your suppliers are applying the same standards to your crown jewel data and applications that you do, and that third party connections are being properly managed.

Tracker helps many leading organizations and valued brands around the world to manage risks and costs

The evolution of risk management

Intuitive Screens & Workflows

Image of sample risk bowtie
Intuitive web-based screens, knowledge bases and easy workflows lead business users through the process of identifying and documenting risks, mitigations and more.  Tracker Networks’ solutions are delivered in a secure software-as-a-service format, so there is nothing to install and users begin receiving benefits immediately, without placing any burden on their internal IT resources.

Interactive Visual Risk Maps

A picture says 1000 words.  Interactive screens allow users to drag and drop risk objects and draw dependencies, to generate visual risk maps that show how risks relate to business areas.  Technology teams can build visual ecosystem maps that highlight key software applications and map them to the business functions and departments they support.

Executive Friendly Dashboards

Flexible and automated reports eliminate manual data manipulation help communicate risk in terms that executives can relate to and make decisions on.  Drill down capability links reports to underlying data and ensures that risk discussions and decisions are linked directly to source data.

Identify and respond when changes increase risk

Executive and board member reporting

Lower costs of risk management & mitigations

Visual ecosystem maps with auto updates

Evidentiary support for governance signoffs

Ensure best practices actually being applied to crown jewels

Quantitative risk scoring based on industry frameworks

Prepare to meet new supplier and privacy legislation

Break risky reliance on tribal knowledge & spreadsheets

Secure, bank-like 256-bit encryption & more