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Why is Essential Cloud a great ERM and Strategy platform for you?

Unlock the power of Strategic Planning & Enterprise Risk Management by integrating them in a cloud platform that will engage and empower your business managers and executives.

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Simple, Yet Powerful

Strategy and ERM automation with intuitive screens and workflows that business people and executives actually enjoy using.

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Automated Logic Models

Intuitive visual tools that guide users though structured planning for objectives, along with automated links to key initiatives and real time updates to related metrics.

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Modular Components

Get started producing useful output in minutes with either Strategy or Risk as a standalone module. Run independently or combine them for extra power.

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Risk Bow Tie Builder

An visual model that allows business users and executives to communicate and analyze multiple risks scenarios in a single intuitive diagram.

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Replace spreadsheets and clear text emails with bank-like encryption, role-based access, and automated audit trails.

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Automated Voting

Engage many stakeholders and executives in Strategy Planning & Execution and ERM processes though integrated and automated voting by phone or any other device.

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Designed to help you with strategic planning, execution and ERM

Powerful, yet easy and intuitive automation features for business users and executives.

For Strategy Executives

Better strategy planning through improved collaboration and structured analysis. Better execution through better communication and continuous status updates.

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For Enterprise Risk Managers

A catalyst to launch new ERM programs or automate existing ones. Reduce effort for ERM managers and improved engagement with business managers and executives.

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For ESG & Sustainability Managers

Improved identification and planning of ESG impact targets. Automated management of ESG initiatives and tracking & communication of ESG metrics.

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For Key Projects & Initiatives

Improved collaboration and communication with continuous updates, so that everyone knows what they need to do and when to help achieving strategic initiatives and projects.

Resource Center

A collection of articles and resources curated for enterprise risk management professionals and practitioners. We hope you find the content useful.